SINGLE RELEASE STRATEGY for unsigned independent musicians


It’s not easy getting your music heard when you’re an independent artist. It can also be very challenging having to work without a team and do all the promo and preparation yourself. I wanted to show how I do it, so I documented my single release in two videos! In the first one I come up with the song concept, make the song (in GarageBand) and submit it for distribution using DistroKid. In the second video I submit the song to Spotify playlists (with my Spotify For Artists profile), send out press releases, make my own music video and lyric video, and talk about social media promotion, including instagram ads. Watch the videos to see how it went down, and find the checklist that I used under here!




□ submit the song for distribution (at least 4 weeks before release)

□ submit the song to Spotify playlists (at least 2 weeks before release, but the sooner the better)

□ film music video

□ film/make lyric video

□ DIY photoshoot

□ make instagram ads

□ write a press release

□ send out press release (at least 2 weeks before release)

□ make new banners/headers for your social media


□ day 10: let people know your song is out in 10 days + update banners & headers

□ day 9: post presave link

□ day 8: write about the background for the song

□ day 7: post the “ad post”

□ day 6: post the cover artwork! Try posting it 3 times, in the morning, midday and evening

□ day 5: post pictures from your photoshoot

□ day 4: post something about the lyrics. Maybe some handwritten things?

□ day 3: keep people updated

□ day 2: keep keeping people updated

□ day 1: let people know your song is out in one day


□ check that your track is live on streaming platforms

□ upload your track to Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc.

□ update social media

□ update channel banners

□ post lyric video/music video


□ do a giveaway to thank people who share your track

□ post a live performance video

□ do a cover collab with others artists your size

□ make your own genius style lyric-video

□ post a tutorial for the song

□ post a behind the scenes-video

□ announce the winner of your giveaway

□ show some love to your audience because they deserve it!

save the date

As I mentioned in the second video, it’s important to keep in mind what the “promotion” and “countdowns” and whatever really is about. You want to remind your audience that you exist and that you have music out, while still providing value in the form of entertainment, education or inspirational content (or all of the above!). It’s easy to forget why we make music and content in the first place. But in the end, it should always be more about the sharing of a passion, than numbers. Just thought I should end with that. Take care♡

Stream or buy the song here!

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