Ida Therese Klungland, aka idatherese, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and storyteller. Inspired by 90s grunge and minimalistic pop, she strives to create songs that tell their own story. She debuted as an independent artist in the fall of 2019, and has released a series of self-produced tracks since.

Ida Therese enjoys soap bubbles, red wine and talking about herself in the third person. Yes, this is me writing this, thanks.

This is a list of my favorite musical instruments:
♥︎ Ukulele
♥︎ Glockenspiel
♥︎ Melodica
♥︎ The Fender Precision bass
♥︎ The Micro Korg synth
♥︎ The Fender strat
♥︎ The rhythmical pineapple

Find my music HERE.

All photos by Irene Sandved Lunde.